1. "Why Do We Punish? The conditions of American prisons and their causes." by Richard A. Posner about Robert A. Ferguson’s "Inferno: An Anatomy of American Punishment".

    THE NEW REPUBLIC | BOOKS section | June 9, 2014 | Art Direction by Annie Jen

    Creative Director: Dirk Benett | Art Director: Erick Fletes

  2. New York Times Op–Ed ”Peaceful Nonreconciliation Now”

    Illustration by Vahram Muradyanart direction by Matt Dorfman, article by Dani Dayan.

  4. Animated Pixels and Still Ink for Ebony Magazine by Vahram Muradyan. 

  5. Vahram Muradyan ↻ Salvador Dalí

  6. Pablo Picasso 1958

  7. Graphit preserves. Drawing workout plan.

  8. Fresh ink. #illustration about #architecture #competitions for @muurileht. Yay? Thanks @madis.kats

  9. Every moment somewhere on earth particles of grafit separate from a pencil and attach to a paper in unique order.

    Click and see it GIFt.


  10. Spoilage Distract Scrap Exceptional


  11. Warmup animals.


  12. Pencil blunts – eye sharpens.

    © Vahram Muradyan | www.vahrammuradyan.com

  14. Rejected concept draft for EBONY magazine. The accepted one will be published in March issue.

  15. Tiny spot for MH(RU).